Hair Care treatments are hair care products you can introduce into your hair care routine to deal with any bigger problems that shampoos and conditioners may struggle with. But we all suffer from different problems, so on this page you ‘ll find a wide collection of hair care treatments that will cater to all hair types leaving you with the best hair possible.

If your hair is naturally dry, you may benefit from the moisturising properties of our hydrating treatments. Products that replenish your hair's moisture will restore its natural softness and radiant shine whilst preventing breakage by strengthening the structure of each strand.

Our detangling category of products contains a variety of treatments to help you keep your hair frizz and tangle-free. Along with detangling sprays, we offer cremes to define and contour curls and blow-drying and straightening conditioners.

If you have damaged hair or split ends, we can help with a variety of specialist deep conditioning repair treatments, serums, sprays, hair masks and quick rinse-off conditioners. Leave-in repair serums will seal the ends of hair and condition intensively to give strength and long-lasting protection to dry hair. Likewise, if you suffer from an irritated scalp or dandruff, we offer a number of scalp therapies and anti-dandruff treatments.

If you are have a normal hair type, you can enjoy the benefits of many of our non-specific hair treatments. We have healing hair oils and hydrating masques to put moisture and shine back into your hair; friction lotions and eau de colognes to invigorate your hair and scalp; volumizing treatments for body and treatments that sleekly smooth your hair whilst encouraging hair growth.

Our selection of hair styling products can vary from hairspray, to hair gel, dry shampoo, blow dry products, styling cream, medium hold pomade, mousse, heat protectant spray, hair wax, styling gel, hair paste and so many other products that give your salon the best experience for customers. Our heat protection products are perfect for those who always use hairdryers. Hair serum is perfect for those with curly hair or wavy hair who want to define their curls. All our hair products are perfect for the hair types that hairdressers and barbers combined will have to deal with.