Root Touch Up

Our root touch-up selection is pretty small however it is perfect for gray coverage. It doesn't matter if the root cover up needs to be applied right on the hairline or slightly further down, it simply takes a small spray of the root concealer and it covers gray easily. It doesn't matter the hair type the root touch up spray acts like any other hair products and sprays onto the hair. We don't currently stock any permanent root touch up but we have different ranges of colour from medium blonde to dark blonde and golden brown. It's an easy application and doesn't need a hair color kit. The spray and concealer are easy to use and they are semi-permanent so they cover gray roots but they don't stay for a long time. They wash out easily. Unlike most hair color products this one is a nice 'n easy root touch up method, as its like spraying hairspray onto your hair, and we even have touch up's for medium brown and dark brown hair colour.