Goldwell is a brand that has a huge focus on styling and haircare products. They have 6 ranges of products, 2 hair colours and 4 hair care ranges. Goldwell is a fan favourite and so many people know about the brand, however not many people know about the range of products that they actually have. Most people will know about dual-senses, as it is the most popular range within the Goldwell brand, and many hairdressing salons will stock them.

Their ranges include their Goldwell dualsenses which works to give instant visible and touchable results, as well as having a built in color protection, with the improved technology the dual senses shampoo is as gentle as pure water, the Goldwell dual-senses range has sub-ranges in the collection depending on the hair type, so if you have grey and cool blonde hair the silver selection is perfect for you. If you are blonde or have highlighted hair then the dual-senses blondes & highlights selection is for you. If you have fine to normal hair (including hair that's had hair color put on) then the color selection (which was originally called Color Brilliance) is for you. If you have thick to coarse hair, then there is the color extra rich. If you have dry or damaged hair then choose rich repair. If you have unruly and frizzy hair then just smooth is perfect for you. Ultra volume is for fine to limp hair, and curly twist is for natural wavy,curly and permed hair. They also have a scalp specialist sub range for sensitive scalps and thinning hair (not for hair loss), and they also have a mens section, which is specifically for mens and making their hair look healthier, stronger and to give it more vitality.

They also have the Goldwell style-sign, which has new and improved formulas and technology as well as modern fragrances, the selection of ranges have all styling products from hairspray to mousse. The ultra volume range gives a long-lasting shape and volume and gives a strong and flexible hold at the same time. The just smooth selection creates a natural looking, smooth and super straight style all in one. The curly twist range is perfect for those who want stunning curly or wavy results, who originally have natural unruly curls and frizz or who want to define them. The next one is the creative texture that that allows you to unleash your creativity with textured looks and styles. The creative texture range has products that help with bodifying the hair. It also helps to give tousled movement and add light texture to the hair that's being styled. The final sub-range in the style-sign range is the perfect hold, which has products that give long-lasting, and a flexible hold while protecting the hair against humidity. The range can add a strong hold while adding shine, enhancing the fullness of the hair while also still allowing the hair to move freely.

Top Chic and Colorance are both hair colour ranges however the products themselves are very different. Topchic gives 100% grey coverage ultimate durability, excellent evenness, and optimum gentleness, and within these creates a distinctive beauty for individual client needs. Goldwell colorance gives a versatile, easy to use and reliable hair colour that allows you to achieve exactly the color results your client wants.

Biolife and top form as less known ranges, however they are just as important, they are both perming products. Goldwell's selection of perm products, these products focus on creating the best perms as well as preparing for the perms correctly.