Osmo Styling With Care

Welcome to Osmo, the quintessential brand for hair care products. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Osmo has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. Our British heritage and unwavering dedication to quality set us apart, making us a go-to choice for professional stylists and individuals who strive for remarkable hair.

Osmo's hair products reputation extends beyond the salon walls, as our products are widely used and adored by professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. Osmo takes pride in presenting a varied selection of hair styling products and an extensive range of top-notch shampoo & conditioner formulations. Whether you're in search of cutting-edge styling solutions or rejuvenating hair care, Osmo's line up seamlessly blends innovation and expertise to address all your hair requirements.

Explore our range of products, such as the href=”https://www.salonwholesale.com/osmo-deep-moisture-dual-action-miracle-repair-250ml.html” title=”Deep Moisture Dual Action Miracle Repair, fights dry and damaged hair with its ultra-moisturising '2 phase' leave in treatment.

href=”https://www.salonwholesale.com/osmo-super-silver-no-yellow-shampoo-1000ml.html” title=”Super Silver No Yellow Shampoo, choose from 300ml or 1000ml, this shampoo helps to remove yellow tones from blonde, silver and super lightened hair.

href=”https://www.salonwholesale.com/osmo-scalp-therapy-detoxify-shampoo-400ml.html” title=”Scalp Therapy Detoxify Shampoo: A deep clarifying cleanser designed to effectively remove product build-up and impurities whilst retaining the hair’s natural oils and moisture. Formulated with Rosemary and Tea Tree extract to help promote a healthy scalp, hair is left feeling refreshed and ready to style.

href=”https://www.salonwholesale.com/osmo-intensive-deep-repair-mask-250ml.html” title=”osmo-colour-revive-platinum-blonde-colour-conditioning-cream-225ml.html” title=”Osmo Colour Revive Platinum Blonde Colour Conditioning Cream 225ml, Revitalize your salon color and combat fade with Osmo Colour Revive Platinum Blonde Colour Conditioning Cream. Infused with nourishing avocado and linseed oil, this specially formulated treatment boasts a superfast 3-minute processing time. Experience the restoration of color vibrancy while leaving your hair feeling irresistibly soft, shiny, and effortlessly manageable.

href=”https://www.salonwholesale.com/osmo-clay-wax-100ml.html” title=”Osmo Clay Wax 100ml, Osmo Clay Wax contains a range of specially selected ingredients to give a day-long hold and a matte finish. Bees Wax gives the product excellent sculpting performance and proper nourishment of hair.

href=”https://www.salonwholesale.com/Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask 250ml, this hair mask features carefully chosen ingredients that work together to nourish and hydrate your hair. With the enriching properties of vitamin-rich Jojoba Oil, the formula deeply penetrates the hair, repairing and providing protective benefits. Try this skilfully crafted mask for revitalized, healthier, and more resilient hair.

href=”https://www.salonwholesale.com/osmo-pomade-hold-100ml.html” title=”Osmo Pomade Hold 100ml, This lightweight cream sustains voluminous, nourished hair, ensuring your newly crafted style stays intact throughout the day. Osmo's Pomade Hold stands out as the preferred option among professionals for achieving an admirable hold.

href=”https://www.salonwholesale.com/osmo-straighten-up-keratin-smoothing-complex-250ml.html” title=”Straighten Up Keratin Smoothing Complex: Keratin based straightening complex works with styling irons to lock in longer lasting straightness, protecting against thermal damage whilst retaining the hair’s natural oils and moisture.

At the heart of our brand is a team of passionate professionals who continuously push boundaries and explore the latest advancements in hair care. With their expertise and cutting-edge research, we develop innovative formulas that deliver outstanding results. If you're looking for nourishing shampoos, revitalizing conditioners, or styling products that help you achieve your desired look, Osmo products has got you covered, add to your wish list today!