Help your clients to achieve a fresh, new look by selecting products from our professional semi-permanent hair colour range. Offering a wide range of high quality brands such as, Revlon Nutri Color, Renbow Crazy Color, Creative Image Adore and Tonology. Get versatile colour results with luminous shine at a lower price. The semi-permanent hair colour that we stock gives greater hair coloring than most. There are semi-permanent color's that are ammonia free and can make your natural hair color, go from dark brown, brown hair, brunette hair or even blonde hair colors to hair color trends like blue, purple and red. You don't have to have bleached hair to be able to use these jazzy hair colors, and you don't have to be stuck into dyeing your hair, as its semi-permanent it washes out with a few washes. You don't have to live with natural color, our semi-permanent hair color or hair dye (as some people call it), you can go out on the weekend with brightly colored hair and then wash out the coloring in enough time for work. It does take a couple of times washing your hair, however it doesn't damage the hair because it is temporary hair color. The chemicals in the semi permanent hair dye act in a way that you don't end up with dry hair and you can wash it out without damaging the hair. It also acts well in the hair care aspect as it is less damaging than permanent hair colours.