Demi-Permanent Hair Colour

Here at Salon Wholesale, our demi-permanent hair colour works just like our semi-permanent hair dye, however, it lasts for even less time. The demi-permanent colour is ammonia free and works similar to a conditioner - the product is put into the hair, and then can be washed out in only a couple of washes.

The semi-permanent colour and demi permanent dyes act differently because the demi-permanents are formulated to stick to the hair shaft, rather than soaking into the hair cuticles. These demi-permanent hair dyes are used less for covering gray hair, and more for changing the hair’s colour for a small amount of time. The colour washes out after a certain amount of time and the customer can be left with their natural hair without feeling side effects.

Some of our best selling demi-permanent hair color products include...

L’Oreal Professionnel Dia Richesse 50ml - Develops in just 20 minutes and will gradually fade away over time. It’s advanced alkaline technology delivers rich, deep colour and shine. Perfect for those clients that are new to colouring, or are looking for a gentle refresh of their existing colour.

Wella Color Touch 60ml - Offers colour perfection with limitless shine. Enhances the hair colour pigment by up to 57% and gives excellent grey coverage.

Goldwell Colorance Tube Demi-Permanent Hair Color 60ml - Helps you create beautiful, shiny colour results. The first demi-permanent colour to protect and repair hair. The patented Inta Lipid Technology helps to create a smooth, flawless finish by protecting and repairing whilst colouring. The built in equaliser system will help create even colour results from root to tip.

L’Oreal Professionnel Dia Light Acidic Gloss Clear 250ml - An Acidic Clear Gloss with no ammonia for healthier looking, more conditioned hair. To dilute, pastelise and personalise for subtle and luminous colour reflects. Fluidifies the texture or any Dia Light mix for easier take through.

Come and explore the full range of demi-permanent hair colours from some of the world’s leading hairdressing and hair styling brands today, your clients will thank you!