Hairtools is one of the UK's leading distributors for professional hairdressing and beauty products, they have a selection of sub brands like Headjog, Haito, Parlux and Olivia Gardens. Their products are widely recognized for high quality and performance, as well as the unique design and the the use of cutting edge technology like when they created their scissor and thinners. They have a wide range of styling products that they have been able to perfect throughout the years. They have diffusers for hairdryers, they have perming equipment as well as the selection of haircare products like the hairbrushes and combs, that are perfect for styling the hair but are also made to keep the hair from pulling on the bristles of the hairbrush. They also have hot brushes, hair straighteners, curlers, stylers and other hot electricals that help with straightening or curling the hair as well as creating new hairstyles that without the electricals wouldn't have been possible.

Hairtools have a selection of trimmers and clippers, as well as having other electrical items that are perfect for both hairdressing salons and barbering salons. Hair styling has become very popular within the last couple of years and getting the right electrical for the right hair style is also important. They also have a selection of cases, to fit all the necessities that are portable hairdresser or barber would need, this includes a nail polish case, where you can hold store all the manicure and pedicure products that a beautician may need to keep hold off like nail art, gel polish, and nail varnish remover. They also stock tool cases and trolleys for hairdressers to be able to keep their tools like hair extensions, neck brushes, aprons, hair colour accessories, and their shampoo and conditioner if needed. They have a variety of towels perfect for hand drying hair, and a multitude of pins and clips for the hair.