Revlon professional has created so many first's for the industry like creating the first nail polish, to inspiring generations of women with instant beauty. The professional range started out, with hairdressers wanting something different. Revlon was able to create a choice for stylists to understand that every women is unique, and should embrace their individuality. Revlon thought a good way to start would be through creating an hair care and styling range that allows hairdressers the chance to change things up with their selection of products.

Revlon have the three different ranges of products, they have the color range, which focuses on their range of hair colour, and the hair treatments that are best for hair that's been dyed, the sub ranges for colour are called Nutri Color Creme, Revlonissimo and Colorsmetique. Then there is the care selection, which has a huge focus on making sure the hair stays looked after, this can be in forms of shampoo and conditioner, as well as hair oil and treatments. This range has two sub ranges called Equave (they also have an Equave kids selection) and Uniq One, these ranges have different products for different uses, for example the uniq one coconut is used to increase the moisture on the scalp to reduce itchy heads and oily hair. The styling products range has two ranges called the Style masters and the lasting shape range. These two ranges are both perfect for hairdressers/barbers because of the wide selection of products that can be chosen and the fact that they have been created for hairdressing needs. If you want a hairspray that has a long lasting hold then Revlon have the product for you, if you would like an hair styling product that suites multiple hair types so it can be used more than once, then they have the product. Revlon are creating products from hairdressers for hairdresser's needs. Revlon are focused on creating new and innovative products like their range of detangling hair care, or their heat defense products against hair dryers or straighteners.