Haircare and colour specialists Eslabondexx have created a stunningly effective range of styling and bleaching products for use by salon professionals and hairdressers all around the world.

Their hair styling range is dedicated to the creation of unique looks, as well as longevity and the encouragement of healthy hair. The Eslabondexx Protective Styling range has 15 products that are guaranteed to suit any hairstyle your client should desire.

The other product range from Eslabondexx is the Bleach range. This kind of product has been specially formulated for trained professional use only. The Eslabondexx Bleach selection is suited for all bleaching techniques, with the ability to lighten up to 7 tones; this includes allowing for several consecutive bleaches in one day.

Some of Eslabondexx’s best selling styling and bleaching products include...

Eslabondexx Smooth Catalyst Oxidant 6% (20vol) 1000ml - Maximise hair colour results with this SMooth Catalyst Oxidant from Eslabondexx. Designed to work alongside the Eslabondexx Hair Toner, this product has a rich, creamy texture that doesn’t just deliver gorgeous colour effects, but helps protect hair’s quality and feel for stunning results.

Eslabondexx Protective Styling Hair Spray Gel 200ml - The soft hold spray is able to deliver natural looking voluminous hair. Having a subtle texture means the hair is left light and still easy to style.

Eslabondexx Protective Styling Strong Hold Clay Pomade 100ml - This clay pomade from Eslabondexx is suitable for all hair types. With a clay-based formula, this pomade creates a strong and long-lasting fixing effect to your client’s hair.

Eslabondexx Hair Toner 60ml - Create stunning tones with this Hair Toner from Eslabondexx. Doesn’t just provide gorgeous hair color, the Nio-Protect technology ensures hair feels happy and healthy afterwards too.

Eslabondexx Protective Styling Shine Hair Serum 100ml - With this deep action serum it’s ideal for dull and damaged hair. Provides hair with more body and thickness, with reinforcing and repairing the hair itself. Featuring a rich blend of linseed, rosemary and olive oil derivative, this Serum will improve the shine and lustre of your client’s hair.

Whatever your haircare needs, the Eslabondexx color and styling range will be sure to suit your client’s wishes, with results going above and beyond expectations. Shop the full selection on Salon Wholesale and upgrade your hair treatment results today!