The Edge Nails


The Edge Nails

The Edge started over 30 years ago and have since developed almost 1,000 product lines in over 10 different ranges; stocked by almost every beauty wholesaler in the UK. Their wide selection of manicure and pedicure products are fan favorites, as well as being used by beauticians and nail artists all over the world. The Edge Nails' range of beauty products extends from nail care to waxing.

The Edge Nails' products range from nail polish, nail remover, nail art and nail files, to more professional products like the acrylic powder, cuticle oil, nail glue and nail tips (also known as nail extensions). Each nail product has been specifically created to be sure that it suits the needs of any nail technician. Occasionally, it can be difficult for a nail tech to be able to find everything they want in one store, and it can be even harder to find everything they want in one brand, however, The Edge have all the necessary products that any nail tech could ask for.

Do you want a base coat because yours has run out? Sure, and why not get a top coat at the same time. Do you want nail clippers? Because The Edge have a kit for that. The Edge even have their own starter kits, so if you're learning how to operate as a nail tech, you can get started easily, and hone your craft with the best of the best.

Some of The Edge Nails' bestseller products include the following:

The Edge Nails 3 Way Jumbo Buffer - Specifically designed for both home users and professionals, this buffer from The Edge is an easy-to-use essential. The thick cushioning on the buffer will leave you with a high gloss shine without having to use a nail polish.

The Edge NailFX Soak Off Gel Polish 15ml - Pale Mint - Get quality gel nail colour finish results with the Soak Off Gel Polish Range from The Edge. Designed for professional use.

The Edge Nail Acrylic Liquid 50ml - For great control and long-lasting acrylic nail results, The Edge Acrylic Liquid is UV stable and non-yellowing. Great for overlays and free form sculpting.

The Edge Nails Quick Nails Dipping Powder Clear 40g - An extra fine acrylic powder, designed to be part of the Quick Nails System. Uses triple sifted, extra-fine powder - works alongside Quick Nails Resin and Quick Nails Spray Set to create nails with great strength and durability.

The Edge Nails Sculptress No.6 Round Brush - The idea nail brush tool for applying acrylic and creating nail designs. Made using the top quality Kolinsky Sable, The Edge Nails Sculptress No. 6 Round Brush has a smart chrome and acrylic handle for ease of application.

The Edge Nails High Grade Acetone Tip Remover 500ml - A formula to help remove artificial nails quickly and carefully. For professional use only. Super strength, high grade acetone that provides you with the most rapid removal of nail extensions.

The Edge Nails Acrylic Powder and Liquid Trial Pack - The perfect introductory way of trialing The Edge Acrylic System. For professional use only. The Copolymer Powder and UV stable cross linked Monomer has been carefully formulated to ensure the nail technician has full control whilst achieving consistently beautiful results.

The Edge Nails Ultra Tips x 100 Assorted - The Edge Ultra Tips are designed to suit a wide range of nails. They feature tapered side walls, easy blending and a full well. Made from virgin ABS plastic, giving them a strong yet flexible construction.

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