The Edge Nails



The Edge nails started over 30 years ago and have almost 1,000 product lines, in over 10 different ranges, stocked by almost every wholesaler in the UK. Their selection of manicure and pedicure products are fan favorites by so many beauticians and nail artists. The range of beauty products can extend from nail care to waxing, with the Caronlab brand.

The edge nails have a range of products from nail polish, nail remover, nail art and nail files, to the more professional products like the acrylic powder, cuticle oil, nail glue and nail tips (nail extensions). Each nail product has been specifically created to make sure that it suites the nail technician's needs. Sometimes it can be really hard for a nail tech to be able to find everything they want in one store, and it can be even harder to find everything they want in one brand, however with The Edge nails they have all the products that any nail tech could ask for.

Do you want a base coat because yours has run out? Sure, and why not get a top coat at the same time.

Do you want nail clippers? Because The edge nails have a kit for that

The edge nails even have their own start kits, so if you're learning how to be a nail tech you can get the basic kits and become better at doing nails easily.