Fonex Gummy Professional

Fonex Gummy are well known within the barber shop industry, their styling products give maximum hold while producing either the extreme look or the casual look that is wanted. Their hair styling products have a multitude of purposes, you can either have a hard finish extra stark and ultra hold, you can have a matte finish as well as a wax bright finish, or you can have a shiny look with a wax hard finish. The choice is up to you. You can create so many looks with the different products, like with the Fonex Gummy hair gel you can keep it slick while giving extra bounce, with the hair wax you can make it smoother and with the hair pomade you can get that middle ground. All products can have multiple different textures and bounciness depending on how much you apply and what the customer wants.

Gummy professional specifically cater to barbers/hairdressers and they know exactly how to create products for them to use with positive results. A lot of the Fonex gummy products are alcohol free however it is good to checkout with the ingredients if you want something specific. The hair care of your customers is just as important to Fonex as it is to you. This is why they have tested and tried every product that they sell. The fan favourites are they fonex hair gel, gummy hard finish, fonex gummy wax and the hair styling gel.