American Crew


American Crew is a leading salon brand that was created specifically for men and stylists. David Raccuglia saw a future with men caring just as much about their appearance as women do. He created a range of men products that allow men to look after their appearance while staying "manly". Their hair styling products are one of the popular products that allow people to be creative with their hair. Their selection of products started with their American crew pomade, American Crew molding clay and the American Crew grooming cream. When the company began to get more successful, the products started ranging out, they started to produce styling gel, shave cream, defining paste and they even started to create body wash and other hair care products like shampoo and conditioner.

American Crew also have a selection of hair colour products and lotions, perfect for those who want a subtle hair dye. One of their most popular products is the American Crew 3-in-1 , which is a shampoo, conditioner and shower gel all in one. It's perfect for those who are travelling or for those who don't have time to mess around with three different products. No matter the hair types American Crew has styling products for you. No matter if you have dandruff and don't want to have it showing, or if you have hair loss and want thickening shampoo. American crew now have a wide selection of products for all types of haircare, skincare and bodycare needs.

American crew has different ranges depending on what you need, they have the Shave range which is full of hair removal products like shave cream and shave foam as well as some post shave products. They then have the Classic range which is more products that are for daily use, the hair type doesn't really matter because it's a simpler range so everyone can use it. They have the Precision range which is for hair colour, it has hair kits as well as developer. They have the styling range which has a range of products for whatever hairstyle you want, including matte pomade, crew firm, and other hair products that are best sellers.