You’ve shampooed your hair, giving it a thorough cleanse to rid your hair and scalp of any impurities, free radicals, and excess oil that is causing you some hair care related grief. Now you need a something to make sure your hair looks the part. Something that will turn a mess of tangled yarn into a luscious mane of smooth shiny silk. You need a conditioner to say goodbye to dry hair. A hair conditioner will come in after a shampoo in your hair care routine to provide some stability and manageability to your locks. Shampoo will help your hair become clean, but the action of shampooing causes the cuticle layer that covers each individual hair to swell slightly and lift away from the hair. A conditioner will ensure that this cuticle layer once again forms a tight seal around the hair, keeping hair better protected, smoother and less prone to becoming a tangled mess. Plenty of brands with plenty of conditioners, each to represent the varying needs and hair types we all have. Leave-in conditioners with hydrating properties that will help to repair overly dry and damaged hair. Conditioners perfectly formulated to treat coloured hair without affecting colour vibrancy, or conditioners with perfectly balanced ingredients for more sensitive scalps that want to avoid irritation. Some of our deep treatments are perfect for applying once a week to create softer hair that will work its magic overnight. Argan oil conditioner is a great way to give hair an immediate boost of hydration for silky, shiny hair. No matter the hair care problem we have a product that can help reduce it. We have volumizing and moisture conditioner, we also have products that help to reduce split ends, that are perfect for color-treated hair. Some of our products are paraben and sulfate free as well as having reduced keratin. Our conditioners are perfect for those with dandruff, fine hair, breakage, detangling, frizzy hair and more hair types.