Some people would prefer to get a sunburn rather than put on sunscreen however it is important they know the risks of overexposure to the sun, and why sun protection is so important. Our tanning products are perfect for the tanning salons that have not only tanning beds but also do spray tanning, tanning lotion and tanning lamps. If your customer wants less sun exposure but still wants to have a base tan before going on holiday then tanning lotion would be perfect. The tanning lotion is like a moisturizer and has less skin damage compared to sun beds, as its only a lotion. If a customer is more likely to have a skin type that means they wont be able to sit under a uv light or have uv exposure at all, then sun lotions are best for them because it allows the customer to still have a raise without worrying about any risks. Indoor tanning is popular with a lot of younger people so they can get sunless tans. No matter what your customer wants make sure you stock up with our range of tanning products.