Lashes & Brows

We have a selection of eyebrow products and eyelash products, which include eyebrow pencil's, eyebrow gel, brow tint, brow pomade, brow powder, mascara, eyelash glue, tweezers, brow kit's, and so many other products that will define your customers individual hairs. Whether your customer wants a natural brow or wants a more pronounced brow, it's always best to have the best equipment to give them the perfect brow. We even sell shaper, and smudge-proof clear adhesive, so your brows can stay on for longer. Our brow products and lash products are perfect for all occasions and we have the perfect waterproof products if your customer wants waterproof, we also have spoolie's, so you can make sure your customer has the natural look or volumizing look they are looking for, and that there brow shape, brow look, lash length and lash thickness are exactly what they want. Some customers want a brow definer, and some want hair-like strokes, so depending on what those customers want depends on the tool you use. Eyebrow makeup is all about the brow stylist and how buildable the customer wants their look to be.