Beard & Moustache

We have a selection of beard products that will be perfect for the avid beard fans. Our beard balm, beard oil, mustache wax and beard brush/beard comb (beard accessories). Even though we have a small selection of beard care our beard care products are chosen specifically for barbers. Its always important for those with a beard to have a grooming routine otherwise their beard can begin to get stray hairs, split ends and begin to look messy. It is always important to looks after your beard, whether that is by styling it, using a beard trimmer and keeping it one shape or by protecting the skin underneath the beard and therefore creating less ingrown hairs and therefore producing better hair growth and having the best beard around. Using the correct products are always important when keeping a beard, using high quality grooming products like beard wash, as well as the right beard shampoo and beard conditioner and even essential oils. With our beard and moustache products we are able to have the best products for the beard and moustache, allowing you or your customer the best chance of keeping a healthy beard.