Hair Developer

Here at Salon Wholesale, we’re offering you a wide range of professional bleaches from leading salon brands such as Eslabondexx, Wella, Revlon, Goldwell and L'Oréal to help you achieve vibrant lightening results that last longer.

Our selection of volume hair developers act well with the hydrogen peroxide and hair bleach. Simply mix the developer with the hair colour to create a dyeing property. Without developer, you wouldn't be able to add in permanent hair colour. Every developer is for a different brand and hair type, which means it is paramount that you pick the right developer for your hair bleaching needs.

Furthermore, the hair developer volume depends on how much hair dye is needed to be used. Regarding the amount of developer vs hair colouring, if a customer is wanting to cover grey hair with grey coverage, then less product would be needed. However if they want to completely get rid of their grey hair, then more would be needed.

Something else to consider is of course the length of your client’s hair; the longer the hair, the more dye will be required. Furthermore, if your client has natural hair (i.e. has never dyed their hair) then you will need to use less hair dye.

Some of our bestselling hair developer products include...

L’Oreal Professionnel Oxydant Creme 1 6% 20 vol 1000ml - Get the best out of L’Oreal’s colour range by using this cream developer. Specially designed to compliment and boost L’Oreal colour ranges, Oxydant Creme is a rich, thick developer. This Creme Developer features hydrogen peroxide.

Kadus Semi-Permanent Hair Developer 6% 20 Vol. 1000ml - Keep colours stable by using this semi-permanent hair color developer from Kadus. Designed to bring the best out of colour.

Wella Professionals Color Touch Plus Emulsion 4% 1000ml - Wella are haircare experts, and their Color Touch range is designed to give gorgeous new shades. Get long-lasting results with this premium developer.

Wella Welloxon Perfect 6% 20 VOL. Creme Developer 500ml - High quality colour developer designed for Wella tints. With superb mixability and a thick and creamy consistency, Welloxon Perfect is a fantastic quality peroxide that’s easy to use and gives superb results.

American Crew Precision Blend Developer for Gray Blending 450ml - Produces optimal results for gray hair blending. Use in conjunction with the American Crew Precision Blend Shades.

L’Oreal Inoa 6% 20 Vol 1000ml - Get the best out of L’Oreal’s Inoa ODS2 range with this Rich 20 volume Developer. Not only does it help boost rich colour tones, but Inoa Rich Developer features L’Oreal’s Ionene G complex, to condition hair whilst your colour. Contains hydrogen peroxide to open the hair cuticle layer.

L’Oreal Inoa 9% 30 Vol 1000ml - If you are looking to bleach dark brown hair or just dark hair in general, then this 30 Vol hair developer may be the right choice for you. Works in conjunction with the L’Oreal Inoa ODS2 range.

Goldwell Topchic Lotion Developer 20 Vol 6% 1000ml - To be used in combination with Topchic Permanent Hair Colour. Helps you achieve the best colour results for your clients.

Wella Blondor Freelights Oxidant Developer 12% 40 Volume 1000ml - To achieve a great colour you need a great developer - that’s where Wella Blondor Freelights Developer comes in. Designed to be used alongside Wella Blondor Bleaching Powder.

Come and explore the full range of hairdressing and stylist essentials we have here on Salon Wholesale, and upgrade your haircare results today! Bleaching hair has never been this easy!