Astra Blades are a brand who's main focus is for Razor Blades. The Astra superior platinum blades are the most popular products within Astra. The high quality of products mixed with the great value for money (being able to buy 100 blades for £8) means that Astra is a fan favourite. It can be hard to find the perfect safety razor blades for the specific safety razor that you own. Astra are able to help with that, they are able to give a wide selection of razor blades for multiple different brand of razors, the Astra razor is another common favourite.

It's always important to purchase the right razor blades so you can give yourself a good shave, the double edge safety razor blades are a common favourite because they can attack each piece of stubble, reduce the risk of razor burn and they can even be good for those with sensitive skin. The Astra superior platinum double edge razor blades are perfect as they are feather-light and ultra-sharp, originally made by Gillette, they made sure that the razor blades were able to fit every safety razor on the market including brands like Derby and Merkur razors.

The Astra platinum double edge blades are made with stainless steel which helps to give a good sturdiness to the blades as well as giving a smooth shave throughout. It's more eco-friendly to use good blades that you only need to throw away the blades and not the entire razor.