Hair Removal

Our hair removal selection is wide with products helping to get rid of the whole hair follicle as well as reducing the fast hair growth. If your customer has unwanted hair then we have the products to help that. Ingrown hairs can be a pain however using these products will help to reduce ingrown hairs as well as having little to no side effects. We have products that help small areas like the bikini area, underarms and facial hair as well as stocking products like wax strips that help with larger areas. Some customers may have different skin types, so whether they have sensitive skin, dry skin or tough skin, its always good to make sure you suit everyone's needs. With some of our hair removal products they give a permanent hair reduction, it doesn't have a permanent hair removal, only a reduction in the amount of hair that is produced. It is always good to take into account the direction of hair growth, the surface of the skin and what parts of the body the hair removal is taking place. We have tweezing products for plucking hair as well as shaving cream and waxing products, so there is multiple choices when it comes to hair removal methods.