The Bluebeards Revenge


The bluebeards revenge is a haircare, styling and shaving brand that focuses on mens grooming. The bluebeards revenge shaving range are one of the most popular ranges and they heavily focus on creating gift sets within the styling range, perfect to give a barbershop friend. Their shaving brush collection has a multitude of doubloon bristles, synthetic bristles and badger brush, they also have different colours depending on the look of your salon. They also have a wide stock of safety razors (including double edge razor blades) as well as cut throat razors and straight razors, which keep the traditional colouring for Bluebeards. They also have a range of skincare perfect for after shave like moisturiser, face scrub, beard oil, shaving bowls, and specifically the bluebeards revenge post shave balm and the beard revenge shaving cream.

Bluebeards want to focus on giving the best mens grooming products that you can get out there. Hair styling products are important especially if you are going stubble, the beard growth process can become a flyaway process however with some of the bluebeards revenge cuban blend beard oil that can easily go away and be tamed. If you have tough stubble and want a close shave without razor rash then their selection of shaving products would be perfect to choose from, they even have products for sensitive skin.