Mens Razors

Is your customer getting tired with their facial hair? Well we have a selection of mens razors, including safety razors and disposable razors. We have blade razors that suit the skin type, so if your customer has sensitive skin then we have double edge or straight razors that are smoother than most. We also have mens disposable razor for those quick and easy shaves, as well as for hygienic reasons. With our double edge safety razors and our normal double edge razors we also sell the razor blades so you will be able to refill them easily. Make sure you don't have a close shave when it comes to stubble and ingrown hairs making the cut rough and potentially painful for the customers, always make sure you check your blade cartridges and change them when they feel blunt, a good way to tell is if you have razor bumps on the blades. We also stock a good selection of shave cream so you can choose the best one for the customers you have.