Achieve vibrant colour results when using our range of developers which are available in various volumes and sizes. At Salon Wholesale we stock leading brands such as, Goldwell, Wella, Revlon and L'Oréal to ensure you get the perfect finish. Our hair bleach is perfect for using along with toner's, whether that is for lightening purposes or for making the hair lighter for using hair color, bleach can be used for many different kinds of hair care. The bleaching process can be quite difficult and depending on the hairdresser it depends on what they think is best. Some hairdressers wouldn't bleach dark brown hair because it can take too long and there could be breakage and could cause dry hair. It depends also on the hair dye that you are using after the bleach. Our bleach powder, should be always used by a professional who knows what they are doing, and should not be given to those who aren't trained. As well as bleach we sell hydrogen peroxide, which goes alongside the bleach and acts perfectly like a hair bleach kit. The bleach that we sell here at Salon Wholesale has different strengths depending on if a customer has blonde hair or dark hair, as well as if they have natural hair or bleach-hair already.