Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley

Welcome to Philip Kingsley Collection, where every product is a testament to our commitment to beautiful, healthy hair.

Founded by the renowned trichologist Philip Kingsley, our brand is built upon a deep understanding of hair and scalp health. With a career devoted to diagnosing and treating hair concerns, Philip Kingsley's legacy lives on in our collection, which combines his decades of expertise with modern advancements in hair care. His profound mastery seamlessly united the realms of science and beauty, garnering a multitude of prestigious awards and honours.

Philip Kingsley, pioneered the concept of trichology – the science of hair and scalp health. With a holistic approach to hair care, our collection is crafted with the expertise of our trichologists, ensuring that each product is not just effective but also nourishing for your hair and scalp. Whether it's our Elasticizer (which was crafted especially for Audrey Hepburn) that restores elasticity or our award-winning Flaky/Itchy Scalp Shampoo that calms irritation, each product embodies our commitment to results that you can see and feel.

Checkout some of our bestsellers, take a look at the products below from the Philip Kingsley products collection!

, The pre shampoo conditioning treatment is heralded as the best hair treatment for damaged, dry & curly hair. It provides instant hydration and nourishment, leaving your hair full of elasticity, bounce and reflective shine. The formula is super conditioning and moisturizing for all variations of African-Caribbean hair and is also suited to care for damaged & curly hair.

, Clear Flakiness and Soothe Scalp Irritation. Multi-award winning Flaky/Itchy Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Extremely soothing, with a fresh apple fragrance, it relieves scalp irritation while clearing flakiness and build-up. It is mild enough for daily use, and will leave your hair shiny and manageable.

, Body Building Weightless Shampoo, designed for men and women, is full of volumising ingredients, each carefully selected to give you the best body and bounce. Body Building Weightless Shampoo adds volume and bounce from root to tip. It also aids styling and blow-drying by making fine hair easier to control.

, this sun care product calms and relieve sensitive skin with Philip Kingsley After-Sun Scalp Mask, a soothing, rinse-off treatment specially formulated to comfort burnt scalps and sensitive skin.

, Vegan-friendly blonde & silver shampoo is the perfect hair care shampoo for silver, grey and blonde hair. This pure blonde booster product reduces the appearance of discolouration and neutralises brassy tones.

With a commitment to excellence that spans generations, the Philip Kingsley collection remains a beacon of innovation, research, and genuine care for hair health. Embrace the transformative power of science-backed hair care, and join the ranks of those who have unlocked the secret to hair that radiates beauty from within. Shop with Salon Wholesale and add Philip Kinsley to your wishlist today!