Mens Conditioner

Mens conditioner is very different from women's because of the different hair type that each one has. Our hair conditioner can be moisturizing for those with brittle hair, it can have hair growth effects for the thinning hair, fine hair or the hair loss, it can be hydrating conditioner for the dry hair, or it could even be anti-dandruff conditioner for those who suffer with dandruff. It also depends on what kind of ingredients the customer is interested in, some may not be bothered about the kind of conditioner and ingredients they have but some may want natural ingredients or organic ingredients like natural oils (including tea tree oil, jojoba oil, argan oil), vitamin e, peppermint oil and aloe Vera, some customer may even want only vegan products, or some may want paraben free and cruelty free. So no matter if your customer has healthy hair, damaged hair, if you have split ends, or breakage we have the conditioner that would help their hair needs.