Our salon essentials are all that you need to create the best hair salon around. If your a stylist then the haircare and styling products are best. However here at Salon Wholesale we stock hair dryer and scissor holders as well as hair color accessories that are perfect for the first time hairdresser, or for stocking up. The essentials salon products include applicator's and balayage boards. It also includes back mirrors, hair elastics for styling the hair, aprons for doing a haircut or hair dye and we even have spray bottles perfect for wetting certain areas of the hair to be able to cut properly.

Aswell as hair essentials we also have generic salon essentials like skin care products, tanning, manicure, waxing and pedicure products in the beauty section. We also have barber products like clippers and trimmers. As well as having the main essentials that you need for a full-service salon, like aprons, tool bags, salon hygiene and towels.