Pre and Post Shave

Shaving should be an enjoyable experience for all men to partake in. This is why we’ve chosen a select group of products to make up our Post and Pre-Shave range. Our Pre-Shave range is ideal for those with particularly sensitive skin, who need an extra dose of protection and soothing in order to get the most out of their shave. All men are different, for example different skin types, and what’s good for one may well not be good for another, which is why our Pre-Shave range features products of different consistencies and from different companies. With shave soap, lotions,pre shave oils and creams we have something for everyone, so you can find what works best for you, in order to get the premium results that you demand. We sell products containing ingredients such as glycerin, which help the razor blade glide smoothly across your face and jawline. check out our range of moisturisers which will help to prevent razor burn and razor bumps. With the correct pre shave routine you can achieve the close shave you desire with minimal distress, so why not check out some our shave products like our shave cream, shaving soap and our other shaving products. Shaving removes a lot of moisture from your skin and can leave it feeling dry, sore or irritated, but with the correct post-shave practices and products you can reduce razor burn, irritation and dryness. Our Post-Shave range is wide and extensive, with our post-shave cream, aftershave, after shave balm, including ingredients like shea butter, aloe, and peppermint fo rthe best shaving experience around.