Created in 1971, Ardell was the first brand to create false eyelashes. They are the leading brand when it comes to popularity, high quality products and beautiful faux eyelashes. Ardell Eyelashes have always been popular and recently with the fashion of wearing false eyelashes, they have become even more popular. Ardell are the number one brand for faux lashes, they have 125 different style of lashes that will suit anybody. The re-usability of the lashes are something that many people find as a bonus, the fact that you can reuse them a couple of times and for them to not decrease in value and wear is why so many people opt for Ardell.

Ardell have since created an array of products from magnetic lashes, to faux mink, to demi-wispies and double up, their selection of Ardell lashes can give either a mega volume or create natural lashes. You can add mascara to the strip lashes to hide the glue. The applicator is easy as most use lash adhesive, which you can also get on our website. Ardell beauty eyelashes best sellers are the wispies lashes, double up lashes, remy lashes and the faux mink lashes. These products are highly requested and many people like them because of their soft touch, the deluxe pack they come in, the fact they come in black lashes and other shades, and the fact that they also have individual lashes.