Improve the quality of your clients hair today by adding one of our deeply nourishing hair masks to your supplies. Whether you need to add moisture to colored hair, or you just want a volume boost we are able to offer a diverse range of professional hair masks to cater for all of your clients needs. No matter if you have damaged hair, if you have breakage's, split ends, dry hair or if your hair types are causing your customers a bother, then why not use a hair mask to help prevent these problems. A hair mask helps to improve texture and shine to your hair in a short amount of time, however most of our hair masks do different things. Some hair masks are good for fine hair, some are good for oily hair, some leave a shinier look while some give a better hair feel. It all depends on the hair type that you have and want you want. After using shampoo and hair conditioner a conditioning mask is good to use to give you healthy hair. If you have natural hair, curly hair, if you are waiting for hair growth, or have any other hair type its good to use natural ingredients like aloe vera, shea moisture, lemon juice, shea butter, essential oils, apply cider vinegar, argan oil, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil and so many other natyural ingredients that are good for moisturizing, styling and hydrating your hair.