Proraso is a stylish Italian brand that has been perfecting the art of shave for over 100 years. Their specialties lie within their ranges of shaving creams, shaving soaps and shaving foams all that are soft, making it ideal for helping your razor blades glide across your face instead of drag across it. Their selection of soft products reduce irritation, redness, ingrown hairs while also protecting your skin and looks.

The brand has 3 main ranges; the Green, red and white range. Their products are made with natural ingredients and have different scents, so depending on what your feeling depends on what range you choose.

The green range combines eucalyptus and menthol, creating a cooling and soothing shave.

The red range combines sandalwood with Shea butter, creating a sophisticated scent and a smooth feel.

The white range is a specific range becauase its for those with sensitive skin.