Cricket hair brushes keep your hair soft, healthy and nourished while being able to be used for styling purposes. The thermal brush and cricket static free brush and perfect examples of being able to use for professional and personal use. It's always important you choose the highest quality of products for the jobs that you are doig, hair care doesn't stop at the treatments, hairbrushes are included in that. Hair brushes are important depending on what you are wanting for your hair, if you are wanting to detangle you can get either a detangling brush, paddle brush or a round brush, if you are wanting to create a parting then a vent brush would also be perfect and if you are wanting to create a style then a styling brush, volumizer brush (cricket brush rpm 8/rpm12), fast flo brush or the double return brush is best. Depending on what you want out of the brush and depending on how thick your hair is will depend on whats best for your hair, if you have fly away hair then a static free brush is always good. If your wanting to use hair dryers or straighteners on your hair then you can use the thermal brush. The non-tangling brushes are great for kids, and the brush set is always good to give to those just starting out.