Wella Professional




Over 135 years Wella has been delivering the latest and most cutting-edge treatments, products, and styles to the hairdressing industry for over 130 years. We sell over 300 different shades of hair colours in 7 different makes (including Illumina, Koleston Perfect and Color Touch ) and 6 of their range's (including Fusion , EIMI and Invigo). With such a variety it's no wonder why Wella is one of the most popular brands for hairdressers.

The Elements range is sulphate and paraben free. The new Koleston Perfect Range is PPT & PPD free. The Color Touch is Ammonia free.

Using a combination of three different types of light-reflecting colour ingredients to provide brilliant colour with 100 percent coverage. Oxidative colourants provide lasting colour richness. Direct dyes deposit in the hair's cuticle for supreme shine and healthy colour. Glimmer pigments infuse shimmer and light reflection into the hair.

To add to the vibrant and gorgeous colours they can enable you to produce, Wella has also developed other products for the perfect style. Mousses to enhance curls and increase volume, salt sprays to add texture and lotion sprays for the perfect setting, and clays, gels, and more for strong styling hold.

Aware styling can cause unwanted damage to the integrity of hair, Wella also offer a range of products to help repair and protect hair from these dangers. Treatments rich in creatine and natural silk extract to soften and smooth dry and damaged hair. Masks loaded with natural ash tree extract to give it back its strength and prevent breakage. And serums to help remove any hair colour stains.

Wella professional have always been interested with improving hair care products and changing them from products people like to products people want to use, their selection's of shampoo and conditioners cater for everyone and every hair type or hair need. Wella have a list of best sellers, and their Wella professionals care range is no different. There is different ranges for different hair needs, like the color brilliance range is for those with coloured hair and want it too last longer and too feel less damaged, whereas those who have flat hair and want a little more of a bounce would fit with having the volume boost hair range.