Hair Toner

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Get rid of brassy, yellow tones and help to maintain blonde lustrous locks by using one of our range of toners from leading brands including, Revlon, Fudge and Chill Ed. Hair toner is perfect for neutralizing yellow hair and warm tones. The hair toner is usually a purple toner and when applied to bleached hair, it takes a ash blonde, platinum blonde, blonde hair. The toning of the hair color from bleach blonde hair, goes to a more ashy colour and gives a more natural hair colour. Toner is similar to hair dye but isn't exactly the same and it comes in toner comes in three different types of products, which are purple shampoo, ammonia blonde toners or dye, however the more you wash your hair, the more the lightening brassy tones come out. The toner doesn't completely change the colour of the hair, so you couldn't go from dark brown hair, or gray hair, to platinum blonde, however you can use toner like Wella Color charm toner to make hair go from dark hair and giving it red, brown and violet tones.