Hairdressing Scissors

Hair Cutting Scissors are undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of equipment that a hairdresser or barber can own. With our hairdressing scissors and thinning scissors selection, we stock popular brands such as Haito, Jaguar and Joewell, as well as brands like Tondeo and AMA. We think it's worth paying that little bit extra to have the best equipment for professional hair styling results. Our selection of hair scissors come in a range of sizes (ranging from 3 inches to 8.5 inches), handles (including straight scissors, classic and opposing), finger rest (fixed and removable), tension screw (finger adjustable, flat and slotted) and we even have the choice of left handed scissors and right handed scissors. You can also choose from a wide variety of colours and patterns depending on your personal preference.

To find your ideal professional hairdressing scissors, it depends on the type of professional barber or hairdresser that you are. We only sell haircutting shears that are of the high quality and build. Most of our sharp scissors are made with stainless steel, however, we also sell other kinds of scissors made from alternative materials, such as Japanese stainless steel. Our sharp blades come in a selection of different blades. You have the option of choosing barber scissors that are ergonomic, salon scissors with a convex blade, offset scissors with sharp blades, plus many more. All of our haircare scissors cut hair easily with their razor edges for the best hair results

Some of our bestseller hairdressing scissors products include the following:

DMI Left S1070 Barber Scissors 7 Inches Black - DMI Professional Scissors are manufactured from the finest reinforced and durable Japanese steel for a well-balanced, precise cutting experience. These left-handed barber shears feature offset grip, fixed finger rest and removable finger rings for a customisable ergonomic fit. Includes a coloured protective sleeve.

Red Spot Klassix Thinner 6.0 Inches Opposing - Featuring a removable finger rest and adjustable tension screw, these cutting and thinning shears are designed to suit the hair stylist's all-round needs.

Red Spot Scissor Set 6.0 Inches Opposing - This hairdressing scissors set features hand-crafted stainless steel scissors, creating a smooth cutting action designed for all-round cutting. This Red Spot Scissor Kit is ideal for those starting out or at a professional level. Includes a pair of cutting scissors and a pair of thinning scissors.

Shop the full range of hair cutting tools, professional hair scissors and thinners we have here at The Salon Wholesale and improve your barbershop/salon experience today with the perfect pair of scissors.