Salon Stationery

Our salon stationary has an array of products suited for those in tanning salons/hairdressers (hair salon)/waxing salons/beauty salon/barbers. Our list of appointment cards, binders, gift cards, appointment books, account books, check pads and client record cards are hand picked so that every salon are able to have the choice of the best products they need. Hairdressing can be stressful especially if you have a lot of bookings, so why don't you pick the perfect appointment cars and appointment books to make life a little less hectic. Or what is one of your customers wants to gift a manicure or pedicure to their family or friend but they don't want to just give them money? Wella you can give them the fancy gift cards that you have stocked up. The height range of appointment books can differ, we have slimmer ones and we have the traditional salon top size.