Whether you are looking to perfect sleek, straight locks or achieve bouncy, big hair we have the finest hair styling tools to help you get red carpet ready. Introduce a little modernness into your hair care and styling routine by perusing our selection of electrical tools on Calissa’s electrical hair products page.

Here you’ll uncover a variety of hair dryers that can bring so much more than just speedy drying to how you care for and style your hair. Each of which can help boost the look and health of your hair massively. We stock the Parlux 3200 which is without doubt, the most widely used professional hairdryer and we know why. Not only does it have incredible power but it is even lighter, so achieving dry hair is now a complete breeze for use both at home and in the salon.

All of the hair dryers we stock boost a range of unique high tech features that represent the best the market has to offer. Different size and shaped nozzles for different levels and concentrations of air flow, motors that range from 1810 watts to 1900 Watts, ergonomic designs and portable sizes.

Blow drying allows for more styling options, whether you want silky smooth straight hair or hair with vibrant curls and buoyancy. Grab a Calissa approved hairbrush and one of our powerful hair dryers and say goodbye to bad hair days forever.

Finding the right hair straighteners will also make a massive difference to your daily hair care routine. Say goodbye to frazzled lengths and static flyaways with our innovative range of hair stylers that will glide effortlessly over your hair to create smooth results in one go. With the ability to act as a straightener or a waver you'll never have to use curlers or rock the same look two days in a row. The Corioliss Irons ooze attractiveness whilst giving you countless styling opportunities. With leading beauty technology you will get a professional finish with lasting effect. The super smooth titanium plates mean even heat whilst the ionic technology keeps you frizz free. No wonder these are a best seller.

Hair care is just as important as skincare so we are here to make sure you are picking the right hair styling tools for you. You don't want to compromise the hard work your shampoo and conditioner have done by damaging it using hair wrecking stylers so discover the best of the best for all hair types in our ultimate collection. Then afterwards why not have a little glance at our hair styling products so you can lock down and protect that finished look.