Intercosmo Voila Intense 100ml
Intercosmo Voila Intense 100ml
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Voila is a sub range from the brand Intercosmo. Their selection of permanent hair color is said to give the best coverage of intense colour with a longer lasting effect. It's also said to reduce damage to your hair, so you are able to look after your hair while keeping it the color you want it. The intercosmo Voila collection has over 20 different permanent color's, and has been loved by so many hairdressers for so long, the different shades are perfect for creating an array of hair colours from light blonde to dark brown, whatever colour you want Intercosmo Voila will have. Voila has a high quality formula allowing for the triple action system to ensure coverage, color and hair care. The Voila 3c intense permanent colour is one of the most advanced classic colors that gives luminous reflexes and long lasting coverage.

Voila is a salon product for hairdressers who want a difference, these hair colours are a mix of primary and secondary pigments, with a combination of conditioner, hydrolyzed keratin and amino acids for absolute care.