The Knot Dr.

The Knot Dr. was created because the founder, John Laverock, would find it difficult to care for his children's hair when the hair would tangle up in the brush. He found it would become difficult especially when in a rush, and that's when he thought of the idea of creating a brush that would have the exact components of a normal hair brush but with different bristles so the hair wouldn't get caught. He wanted to create the ultimate detangling brush, he started with combining his engineering principles with his idea of the high-quality bristles, in the hopes of creating a brush that would remove tangles/knots easily and without breaking the hair or making it uncomfortable. The knot Dr. had created the first product in the line, and there was no stopping them, they created portable brushes, as well as brushes for professional barbers/hairdressers. It has never been easier too un-knot hair, keeping both the hairdresser and the customer happy.

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