Our Salon Secrets

Ideas for Christmas Nails

Christmas is a time where you can put up your Christmas tree, you can build a snowman and you get visited by a bearded old man called Santa Claus. As much as this all sounds fun and amazing my favourite thing about Christmas is the festive nail art. I have never seen so many nail designs until Christmas came along and people were wearing their tree decorations on their nails. I have to say though trying to find a Christmas nail art idea that would top anybody else's can be hard to find, so here is a list of 20 of our favourite Christmas Nails

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The top Salon Wholesalers Online

It can always be a risk trying to choose the perfect wholesalers to purchase your salon essentials. Whether you need salon hygiene or styling products for your hair salon or if you need tanning or nail polish for your beauty salon, then these websites are able to provide you with the products that you need.

Here is a selection of Salon Wholesalers;

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Everything about Hair Clippers

Hair clippers have always been important when it comes to mens hair care, whether that's hair dryers, hair trimmer's, a shaver, any form of men's grooming always includes a hair clipper. When it comes to men's hair removal, it's always important to know what they want. It's important to know how someone wants their hair styling, or how they style it everyday to know what the best hair cut would be for them, and therefore the best clipper and blade to use.

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Be Fly With Kadus Professional

Kadus Professional have three different types of products they have Kadus Colour, they have Kadus Care and Kadus Style. All Kadus products are professional products. Kadus has helped hairdressers since they started whether it's the stylists or the colorists, Kadus have products that all hairdressers needs. They've been producing great hairdressing products since 1956 and their interest in hair care has only grown bigger.

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All about Ardell

Ardell Lashes
Ardell Lashes are one of the most popular brands when it comes to false lashes. They have a selection of individual lashes and strip lashes depending on the what the client is after. Ardell lashes were one of the first brands to focus solely on false eyelashes but also wanted a more natural look. They now sell over 100 different types of eyelashes and range from magnetic lashes to faux mink lashes, mega volume lashes and the other most popular lashes (apart from the natural lashes) the wispies lashes.

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