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The Top 20 Must Have Salon Essentials

Here is a list of the Top 20 Salon Essentials that we think you won't be able to live without in your salon or Barbers.

#1 Appointment Books

Remember to keep tabs of all your important appointments with our wide selection of appointment books. With a wide selection of different colours and patterns you will be sure to find the perfect book to suit your salon needs.

appointment books

#2 Disinfecting Jars

Hygiene is one of the most important things about operating a barbers or salon. Stay clean stylishly with our disinfecting jars.

We have brands such as Shaving Factory and Barbicide, these traditional style disinfecting jars will keep your barbers looking sleek.

disinfecting jars

#3 Gowns/Capes

Every Barbers or Salon needs to own Gowns or Capes to make sure their clients don’t get covered in hair or water.

We have a selection of Gowns & Capes ranging from plain black adult sized capes to fun animated gowns for children, which is sure to bring a smile to the little ones.

gowns and capes

#4 Spray Bottles

Perfect for lightly misting your clients hair with water, spray bottles are idea for when you want to keep your clients hair wet but it doesn't require washing.

You can either choose a simplistic design like the Hairtools Silver Spray Can or a spray can that has a little more pizazz like the DMI Water Spray with Scissors.

water spray bottles

#5 Scissors

The best hairdresser needs the best tools to work with. We stock a selection of over 200 different scissors, from the sleek and stylish to the fun and colourful! The only tough decision will be choosing what style of scissors you want.


#6 Thinners

What is just as important as scissors? thinners. Once you have purchased your scissors, get a pair of thinners as well. We have so many thinners to choose from, you can either match them with your pair of scissors or you can choose something completely different.


#7 Hair Colour

Look no further for affordable and professional permanent and semi-permanent hair colour from leading salon brands such as, Goldwell, Wella, Revlon and L'Oréal. At wholesale prices, hair colourists will have authentic, high quality products which give fantastic results.

hair colour

#8 Mirrors

We have a small selection of mirrors but it is exactly what you need so your clients can see your fabulous work. We have hand held and wall mirrors so you can choose which one you would like best.


#9 Shampoo

Professionally care for your clients hair by using our top quality shampoos from renowned brands such as, Wella, Goldwell, Fanola and Serie Expert. We have shampoos to suit all hair types and concerns and they are available in both retail and professional sizes. Start building your shampoo collection which will guarantee healthy, happy hair.


#10 Conditioner

Ensure your clients hair is moisturised, nourished and looking healthy with our extensive range of professional conditioners. Select from restoring, colour care, hydrating, detangling and much more from leading salon brands such as, Goldwell, Wella, Macadamia Professional and Revlon. Explore our extensive range and get fantastic conditioners for all hair needs and types today.


#11 Hair Removal

Set yourself up for painful success with these hair removal products. We sell everything that you need from wax to after care products so that you can give your clients the most pain - free experience possible.

hair removal

#12 Nail Dryers

Nail Dryers are a must for any nail professional, they’re quick, effective and hygienic. We have nail dryers (UV Lamps) with different Watts so you can choose your strength of UV. We also have replacement Bulbs in case yours blows, perfect for any emergency.

nail dryers

#13 Clippers, Trimmers & Razors

All barbers need a good pair of Clippers, Trimmers and Razors to give their clients a fresh trim. With a selection of top brands, including Andis, Wahl and Oster you should be able to find a clipper, trimmer or razor to suit your barber needs.

clippers, trimmers & razors

#14 Acrylics & Glue

Having fake nails are on trend, so you want to make sure that you have everything you need to cater to your fashion forward clients. Whether that is Active’s, French White’s or Olympics you can choose from an array of Acrylics, and a selection of nail glue, we've got you covered.

acrylics and glue

#15 Nail Lacquer & Varnish

It’s always difficult for Clients to choose what nail varnish they want but the more you have the more they get to choose from. Morgan Taylor, The Edge Nails and Annika are the top nail varnish and nail lacquer brands that we stock. We sell so many nail varnishes that you would need an entire building to be able to display every one. In addition to Nail Varnish we also sell Nail Art stencils, so you are able to show off your skills to your customers.

nail lacquer and varnish

#16 Acetone & Nail Varnish Remover

You will always need nail varnish remover and acetone for taking off clients old nail art and with Acetone it’s made so much easier. You don’t want to spend lots of time trying to get old nail varnish off customers nails so with The Edge Nails you are able to get it off easily. We have Wipe Off Solutions, Tip Removers and the general Polish Removers, so whatever you need to remove those nails we can help.

nail varnish remover & acetone

#17 Brushes & Combs

It is essential to invest in a wide selection of brushes and combs to suit your clients needs. The correct brush can help to prevent hair loss by massaging the scalp, boosting blood flow and circulation to encourage regrowth.

brushes and combs

#18 Shaving Brushes

Supplying your barbers with high quality, professional shaving brushes, we stock top brands such as The Bluebeards Revenge, Vulfix and Vie-long. Whether you want badger, horse or synthetic hair there is always a selection of Brushes to suit your clients needs.

shaving brushes

#19 Hair Dryers

The hair dryers we stock each boost a range of unique high tech features that represent the best the market has to offer. Different size and shaped nozzles for different levels and concentrations of air flow, motors that range from 1810 watts to 1900 watts, ergonomic designs and portable sizes.

hair dryers

#20 Hair Wax

There are many different hair types, lengths and styles - If your client would like their hair to be more flexible and workable then wax is a great bet, it is one of the most popular styling products that is used in salons.

hair wax

Here is a list of products that will change your salon life for the better:

1. Quirepale 4 Appointments Polka Dot Blue Book

2. Barbicide Large Disinfecting Jar

3. Hairtools Barber Gown Black

4. Kodo Craft Beer Mist Spray

5. AMA ROSE GOLD 6 inch Scissors

6. HAITO Rozu 5.5 Inch Thinner (27T)

7. Wella Color Touch Instamatic 60ml

8. Kodo Two-Handed Back Mirror - Black

9. Wella Professional Fusion Intense Repair Conditioner 1 litre

10. L'Oréal Professionnel Source Essentielle Delicate Shampoo 1500ml

11. Caronlab Strip Wax Kit

12. The Edge Nails Professional UV Lamp 36 Watt

13. Andis USPro Cordless Lithium Ion Hair Clipper

14. The Edge Nails Active Assorted Nail Tips (360 Pack)

15. The Edge Nails Nail Glue 5 Pack

16. Morgan Taylor Sarong But So Right Professional Nail Lacquer

17. Haz 100% Pure Acetone 150ml

18. Denman D64 Thermoceramic Brush

19. Vie-Long Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush Deep Red

20. Parlux Advance - Mint Hair Dryer

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