Hair Colour & Toner


Our hair toner is important for those who want some control back with there hair color, whether that is toning their brassy blonder hair and lightening it, or if they want bleach to make in platinum blonde. Depending on the type of hair your customer has depends on the type of hair coloring, whether that is white hair, a blonde color, cool blonde, redheads, grey hair, color-treated hair (hair that's been dyed multiple times a year), blonde shades, yellow tones, orange tones, brown hair or brunette, no matter the hair color of the customer we sell products that allow you to focus on giving the best toning experience. Don't forget to let your customers know about purple shampoo, purple conditioner so the brassy tones and the lightest color stays in for the longest period of time possible. We also sell hair care products that are perfect for the post toning stage, where the lightener will want to start changing colors but with purple toner and shampooing it with purple shampoo, then the toner will stay in for as long as possible.