Hair Developer

Offering you a wide range of professional bleaches from leading salon brands such as Eslabondexx, Wella, Revlon, Goldwell and L'Oréal to help you achieve vibrant lightening results that last longer. Our volume developer acts well with the hydrogen peroxide and hair bleach. You mix the developer with the hair color and create a dyeing property. Without developer you wouldn't be able to add in permanent hair color. Depending on the product depends on the right developer, every developer is for a different brand and hair type. The developer volume depends on how much hair dye is needed to be used. The amount of developer vs hair colouring, if a customer is wanting to cover grey and only wants to gray coverage, then less product would be needed, however if they want to completely get rid of their gray hair, then more would be needed. You also need to be aware of if a customer has long hair, short hair, and if they have natural hair because, if they've never dyed their hair before then they wouldn't be used to the hair dye and would need to use less hair dye.