Tangle Angel

Tangle Angel is a brand with a twist. The main focus with Tangle Angel was to brush the hair without pulling or dragging the hair. The founders of Tangle Angel realized that in order to create a hairbrush that does that they needed to use a specific product. Memory-flex is the product they used in order to produce less tugging on the hair. Memoryflex's properties allows the bristles of the brush to flex and return to their original position, so instead of a normal plastic brush that stays in ones place the bristles of this brand is actually able to brush through the hair removing the knots without causing too much pain like a normal brush would. They also found while creating the brand that they wanted all brushes to be anti-static so there was reduced flyaway hair, can be used on both wet and dry hair, is heat resistant allowing you to use it while straightening or blow-drying and it even has an antibacterial aspect so it's better for producing healthier hair.