Orofluido has three oils included within the range, one of these is the Argan oil, which is know to be the liquid gold for your hair, the other is the Cyperus oil, which is know to feel like pure silk, and the Linseed oil which is know to have instant shine. From these three original ingredients there was other products from Asia that was founded to be of great importance. When tsubaki (camellia) oil, bamboo and rice oil was mixed together it created a smooh yet strong and flexible substance that also include nourishing properties. Added onto the original three ingredients Orofluido were able to create an array of ingredients and from the first three ingredients, Orofluido extended. Now there is more ingredients from different contients that come together to create the great Orofluido products.

All of the products in Orofluido have different ranges depending on the issue your cusotmer is having. We sell Elixir Hair Colour 50ml, perfect for those who want to change their colour and keep the texture of their normal hair. The Asia Zen Control Shampoo 200ml is perfect for those who want luxurious hair and the Asia Zen Control Conditioner 200ml is a perfect match to go alongside the shampoo.