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Haz is a brand that focuses on nails, and specifically how to correctly remove nail varnish form the nails without ruining the nails too much. It is always important when using nail varnish remover or acetone that you use the one specific to your nails. Different people have different nail types and some people can have really brittle nails or really dry nails meaning that they will be more likely to break. Haz has developed a line of nail varnish remover and nail acetone that focuses of removing the nail varnish while keeping the nails natural oils. Our selection of nail polish remover and acetone that we sell, is the professional standard for nail care. We sell the different sizes for nail care depending on the size of the the customer base you have. Nail remover and acetone can go out of date, which means it becomes less strong and will take longer to take off, so make sure that you always stock up your range of removers and acetone.