Where Can I Buy Salon Equipment?

Buying salon equipment can be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive if you do not know the proper places to look. Learn about where to buy this equipment to make life easier and more profitable.

Buy it online.

Many online shopping sites, like Amazon-associated SalonWholesale.com, list a variety of items for sale. Check out the descriptions and pictures involved. If there is no picture, avoid the item and find another seller. When looking through the listings, notice the seller's business name. Is it a reputable firm? What kind of feedback have they received from previous buyers and customers? Only deal with a company that offers a money-back guarantee. Look into as many companies as possible before making your final decision.

When you find a salon equipment item you like, notice whether it is used or new. If used, be sure to read all disclosures involved. If it is local, can you pick it up and save shipping costs? If shipping is required, check into shipping fee responsibilities to avoid surprises and extra costs.

Look into a local auction.

Local auctions can be wonderful places to find good deals on salon equipment. Check into auctions that concentrate only on salon equipment to save yourself time and frustration. When attending the auction, be sure to have a budget in mind to avoid overspending. Go to the auction during their preview period to get first-hand experience about what type of equipment is available. This gives you a great chance to see the items up close and find out whether they suit your company's needs and space limitations.

Do it through local contacts.

You can learn about what salon equipment is available for sale by sending out feelers to your local community, friends and work associates. Consider joining networking groups and informing members of what you are looking for. Someone may refer you to another salon that has equipment up for sale. Look for flyers, business cards, and sales notices posted on bulletin boards throughout your local area, including in any salons. As with any business deal, check out the equipment first and notice any irregularities. Talk with the owner and find out why the item is for sale. Negotiate an optimum purchase price that fits in with your salon's budget.

You can post a classified ad to your website and/or marketing blog. Send the ad to different social media sites that you belong to, to increase exposure. Be sure to place current contact information so others can easily let you know when something is available.

Buy it through industry-specific publications.

Industry-specific publications usually have a classified section near the back of the issue. Take advantage of this. Some can be free, while others charge a fee. Look through your local newspaper's classified section. Wherever there is a classified for sale section, check there. You never know what you will find.

Building a salon business takes time, work and money. Being a small business means being especially frugal with your funds. Saving money by finding the best deals on salon equipment will only benefit your salon's budget.